I'm based in Melbourne. I currently lead strategy and product at Rounded, a SaaS company I founded in 2015 which helps thousands of Australian sole traders with their invoicing and accounting. I love all things technical and creative - I'm at my best when both collide.

Melbourne continued to serve up some globally warmed weather over the weekend so we put the kid in the car and went to Cherry Hill Orchards. It was lovely, and a good reason to dust off my Fuji X-T3 and take some photos of our 2 year old running among some pleasant cherry trees . As expected quite

Over the the weekend I had a fiddle with Up Banking's API. There wasn't much else to do, Melbourne is currently cooped up under stage 4 Covid lockdown and I'd already indulged in my one hour of permitted daily exercise. I was keen to give their API a spin as it really flies in the face of Australia

In part one I went over a few nagging issues with Ghost. Now lets look at the benefits of using a static site generator like Hugo vs Ghost or Wordpress. For the most part this applies to any static site generator, I chose Hugo because because how easy, fast and fun it is. What does a static site g

For the last few years Ghost has been my CMS of choice, I built my company website and a few personal projects on Ghost. After a decade of Wordpress development Ghost was refreshing. The default theme is elegant, it's relatively simple to customise and the post editor is a beautiful user experience.

After more than a decade of freelancing, I went all-in on the  startup I'd been working on during my spare time. Despite having worked  for many startups as a freelancer I still faced quite a learning curve.  Some long-standing beliefs had to be kicked to make the transition a  success. In mid 2015

The generalist vs specialist debate has been raging forever, without consensus. There are staunch advocates on either side, but as time passes the argument is becoming irrelevant. The most valuable freelancers are those who possess both. Branching out brings many benefits, and with small businesses